Our main team has begun working since 2004 and MAV team members gathered from 2012 to build and develop quadrotors. Our laboratory is located in the Electrical faculty of K.N. Toosi University of Technology, under the branch of ARAS robotic lab.
The primary purpose was to get the knowledge of building a quadrotor for implementing high-tech control algorithms and artificial intelligence onboard and offboard. We aim to have a fully autonomous MAV for video capturing, mapping, load lifting and performing rescue operations.



Our aim is to make the robot operate fully autonomous, avoid obstacles and decide on it’s own using artificial intelligence.


Provides stable flight in turbulent environments and disturbances like tunnels, wind, lifting unbalanced loads.


Using on-board cameras, embedded systems and different algorithms we get the structure of the environment, hold the position of the robot or navigate through the environment.


The ability to detect face, marker, writings, objects with specific color and following them.
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    Version 1

MarsBoard for analog and digital camera data processing

Small Size Aluminum Frame
Line Following
Approximately 5min Flight Time
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    Version 2

Strengthen mini PC from MarsBoard to Odroid-U3

Implementing Altitude Control
Flight Time Improvement
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    Version 3

Strengthen mini PC from Odroid-U3 to Odroid-XU3

Face and Text Detection

Marker Detection and Following
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame
Approximately 7min Flight Time
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    Version 4

Optical Flow and Odometry Algorithms

Location Locking

Semi-Autonomous Flight in the Given Path into a Building
Performance Improvement with new Body and Engines
Online Map Construction
Approximately 15min Flight Time
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    Version 5

Adaptive Controller

High Speed Cruise
Efficient Wing Design
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    Version 6

 Resilient Flight Controller

Small Size

Online Image Transmission
Autonomous Landing on Moving Platforms
Autonomous Flight
Marker Detection
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    Version 7

Online 3D Map Construction

Small Size

Online Map Transmission to Ground Station
Autonomous Flight
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    Version 8

Stable Hovering On Air
Smaller Size
Autonomous Landing On H Mark
Autonomous Flight
On-Board Processing
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    First Place of International IMAV competition

Third place of Sharif university robocup 2014
Third place of Sharif university robocup 2015
First place of Iranopen international competition 2015
First place of Iranopen international competition 2016
Third place of Iranopen international competition 2018
First place of Fira world cup 2019



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