We Are KN2C

Since 2005, enthusiastic students of Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials engineering majors have operated in 4 main fields of UGV, MAV, SSL and 2D soccer simulator under the banner of KN2C robotics team with the purpose of combining theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of Hamidreza Taghirad – Ph.D, professor and dean of faculty of electrical engineering.

Industry Experience

We are here to solve real-world problems.

Brilliant Team

If you want to go far, go together.

Creative & Professional

Our creativity makes us special.

Robust Solutions

Highly talented students with a great passion to build great things.

Goal Oriented

When we set our goals, Nothing can stop us

What Makes Us Unique

KN2C is not just a team! KN2C is the second home of its members, We are a family. using the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, we create a better future and solve real-world problems with our high-tech solutions. We always push our boundaries. We are a highly talented, passionate, self-motivated, and awesome family! VIVA KN2C!

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